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MobilBid Special Pricing

The continuing impact of the COVID-19 crisis has left the non-profit sector reeling. Most live fundraising events are being cancelled or postponed while long term social gathering guidelines have yet to be determined.

MobilBid and its parent company NDI have served the non-profit market for more than two decades. We work closely with the fundraising community and respect the challenges it now faces.

As a result of live event cancellations, many of our clients are using the versatility of the MobilBid platform to setup, manage, and deliver successful virtual auctions.

Our contribution to help in this time of need is to offer special pricing, in effect from July 1, 2020 until September 30, 2020, for live or virtual events.

MobilBid was designed to help fundraisers with events both large and small and our special pricing reflects this.

Smaller Auction Events. For Clients, who have previously held auctions using MobilBid, we are waiving the $250 minimum fee and will charge 5.5% of the monies raised.

For new clients, the first use of MobilBid will carry the usual $250 minimum fee if the proceeds are less than $4545. For additional auctions, the minimum will be waived and the 5.5% will be applied against the funds raised.

Larger Auction Events. We are lowering our capped price of $3500 to $2500 per event.
Each MobilBid customer has access to the full suite of MobilBid features and options, no matter the size of the auction, the number of items or bidders.

Stay well and take care.

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Helping those who help others.

5.5% fee on total auction revenue

$250 Minimum | $3,500 Maximum Per Event

MobilBid offers…

✔︎ A free account with no setup charge
✔︎ No monthly/annual fee
✔︎ Training
✔︎ Unlimited SMS messaging
✔︎ No purchase of specialized equipment or software

Our full-featured platform can be used at any auction event – large or small.

All clients enjoy unlimited technical support by email or phone during business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern time.

Why Stripe?

Stripe Sets the Standard for Mobile Payment.

MobilBid has offered mobile payment from the beginning. Stripe was chosen for this service because it delivers the most secure, efficient, and trusted software payment platform available. The convenience of mobile payment ends the chaos of silent auction check-out lineups..

A Stripe* account is quick to access, offers transactional-based pricing and integrates easily within the MobilBid platform.

Find out more.

*When the (optional) STRIPE mobile payment option is chosen, clients set up their own STRIPE© account and pay merchant fees of 2.9% +30¢/transaction directly to STRIPE©. MobilBid does not receive any share of these fees.