Transparent Pricing – demo

5.5% fee on total auction revenue

$250 Minimum | $3,500 Maximum Per Event

MobilBid offers…

✔︎ A free account with no setup charge
✔︎ No annual fee
✔︎ Training
✔︎ Dedicated phone number
✔︎ Unlimited SMS messaging
✔︎ No purchase of specialized equipment or software

Our full-featured platform can be used at any auction event – large or small.

All clients enjoy unlimited technical support by email or phone during business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern time.

MobilBid Auction Cost Calculator

Auction Revenue:


Revenue Slide Your Cost
$0 $4,545 $63,636 $100,000+
$250 5.5% of Revenue $3,500

Use the sliding scale above to estimate your auction revenue.
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Your Cost:


Plus taxes where applicable

Why Stripe?

Stripe Sets the Standard for Mobile Payment.

MobilBid has offered mobile payment from the beginning. Stripe* was chosen for this service because it delivers the most secure, efficient, and trusted software payment platform available. The convenience of mobile payment ends the chaos of silent auction check-out lineups.

A Stripe* account is quick to access, offers transactional-based pricing and integrates easily within the MobilBid platform.

Find out more.

*When the (optional) STRIPE mobile payment option is chosen, clients set up their own STRIPE© account and pay merchant fees of 2.9% +30¢/transaction directly to STRIPE©. MobilBid does not receive any share of these fees.