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Eight Quick Tips on How to Manage a Fundraising Campaign

Whether it is your first fundraiser or your twentieth, organizing a fundraising campaign can be challenging. From setting fundraising goals to celebrating the end of your campaign, your fundraising campaign could take weeks, months, or even longer. So, what do you need? To start, you need a structured plan of fundraising events (such as silent charity auctions, dinners, gala events, or golf tournaments), a supportive fundraising committee, and dedicated volunteers to ensure that your efforts will be successful. And then the real fun begins!

We’ve gathered eight quick tips to help you design and deliver your most successful fundraising campaign yet!

Learn about raising money for your cause, and how to plan your fundraising campaign…

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Fundraising Ideas

Need a Great Fundraising Idea?

Love using your smart phone? So will your guests at your most successful silent auction yet. Mobile bidding at your fundraiser makes everything easier – set up, administration, management and best of all guest access and mobile payment.

Watch your fundraising dollars grow with your guests’ excitement as they review silent auction items, place their bids, and enjoy friendly competition using their phones, regardless of location. Even guests unable to attend your event can participate by sending a simple text.

Some mobile bidding platforms can be expensive. Costs can vary because many mobile bidding companies charge for design and setup and use onsite technicians paid to manage the process.

Why waste money on technicians and a complicated setup? MobilBid offers an advanced mobile bidding auction platform that is easy-to-use, offers “instant close”, and provides great results at a fraction of the usual cost.

Learn how MobilBid is changing the mobile bidding landscape for silent charity auctions with sleek design, an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and all-in transparent pricing with no hidden charges or fees…

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Charity Event

The Importance of Charity Auctions

If you are planning a fundraising campaign, and a charity auction is one of your fundraising ideas, you’re not alone. In North America, there are more than 250,000 charity auctions held every year, including live auctions – run by an auctioneer or MC – and silent charity auctions that are often part of a bigger event along with those held online.

You may even wish to hold a black-tie gala, and combine two types of auctions, perhaps a live auction with a silent auction. A gala could be one of your biggest fundraisers, as they potentially raise more than $20 billion annually in North America.

So which type of auction is the best type of fundraiser for your cause? There are three main types of charity auctions: live auctions, silent auctions as a stand-alone or as part of a larger event and, although not as productive, online charity auctions.

Choosing the right one for your fundraising event depends on a number of factors, such as your budget and theme of your event. Your charity auction choice should also reflect your fundraising goals.

Learn about the distinct types of charity auctions, the pros and cons of each type, and which one is the best choice for your fundraising event…

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Silent Charity Auctions: Fundraising Goes Mobile

For decades, silent charity auctions were paper-based. With bid sheets and pencils in hand, bidders circled the item tables, jostling their neighbours to make the final bids and win the coveted silent auction item.

Fast forward a few years, and auction bidders huddled around a shared tablet struggling to place bids. Whatever the silent charity auction format, silent auctions made sense. To fundraise, a group just needed a cause, guests to drive the bids, and a list or display of popular auction items with descriptions.

Silent auctions as fundraising events are growing in popularity and the format has evolved once again to make them easier than ever. Now, mobile technology invites guests to participate, review, bid, and even pay using their personal phones. Mobile technology has made silent charity auctions more fun for guests, less work to manage, and they deliver much better results.

Learn how MobilBid has upped the ante by improving silent charity auction performance with an easy-to-use platform combined with unique features and delivered and at an affordable cost…

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Use MobilBid for your best silent auction experience.

Easy to use software let’s you customize your auction events while a unique mobile experience encourages engagement and increases bidding to help you raise more money.

Easy Auction Set-up
and Guest Sign-in

MobilBid offers a free account with intuitive software for easy auction set up. Guests use their personal smartphone to text a special phone number to sign in. Once registered, guests build favourites lists, bid, receive outbid alerts and follow the auction activity.

Special Features Keep Guests Engaged and Bidding

Unlike bid sheet silent auctions and many platforms using shared tablets, MobilBid lets guests bid from anywhere, anytime. Outbid alerts promote bidding and keep bidders engaged. Unlimited texting lets organizers encourage and inform bidders throughout the evening.

Eliminate Chaotic Checkout Frustration

Along with STRIPE mobile and standard payment, a convenient, new, option requests credit card details from guests placing their first bid. Then, at close, the program instantly processes all credit cards on file and issues receipts for easy item pickup and a quick exit.

About MobilBid

MobilBid is a division of Net Directories Inc. (NDI), a Canadian technology company that has served the North American academic and non-profit markets with a range of web-based, self-managed directories and fundraising products since 1995.

Our prime objective has always been to design products with advanced technology and security features that are easy to use, meet or surpass the needs of our non-profit and fundraising clients and affordable to the widest possible spectrum of users. 

NDI fundraising products were among the first online giving platforms to provide the same high level of design, security and performance found in much higher priced programs but priced within the reach of independent schools, colleges and a variety of smaller non-profits and charities.

In serving hundreds of North American users, we have earned a reputation for innovative technology, exciting products and outstanding customer care. As testament, many clients have been with us since the beginning and most clients are long-term.

Revolutionized Fundraising

In recent years, online auctions and mobile bidding have revolutionized fundraising and charity silent auctions. Key benefits of mobile bidding include a more efficient organization and management process and a better guest experience that encourages more bidding leading to improved results.

Across the industry fundraisers report the use of mobile bidding results in average increases of 30 -50% of monies raised. We experience roughly the same outcomes with some examples even higher.

Unfortunately, the revenue gain is often lost because most providers demand a large fee to plan, organize and manage events. Most set an agreed-upon, fixed fee before the event that doesn’t change even if the results are less than anticipated.  

Not only do these fees take a large percentage of the monies raised, they can be cost-prohibitive for many smaller charities…the very users who would most benefit from the advantages that mobile bidding brings to charity silent auctions.

MobilBid is different. We designed MobilBid as a full-featured, advanced mobile bidding platform with unique software and advanced mobile technology for clients wishing to set up and self-manage successful charity silent auctions. Our prime goal was to reduce user costs and help clients raise more money.

We don’t negotiate a fixed fee before an event and ask nothing from our clients until the auction event is over. Our fees are based on a small percentage of the monies raised.

Typical MobilBid clients are national charities, hospital foundations, independent schools, professional sports foundations, golf tournament organizers, colleges and smaller community non-profits.

The Process

Clients open an account – at no cost – with full access to the special, easy-to-use software. There is nothing to download or purchase and no annual or monthly fee — ever. Our compensation is determined by the results of the event – solely on our clients’ success. Our maximum fee is capped at $3500.

Intuitive software walks users through a custom-design auction setup with images and full descriptions. The platform allows unlimited items and is so flexible that auction pieces can be added minutes before the event opens.

A new advanced feature allows clients to pre-program the entire event with open and close times, messaging and other details.  This option automates the auction from beginning to end with a few keystrokes, once the parameters are set.

Because we offer unlimited SMS as part of our service, guests can be updated regularly with messages highlighting items requiring bids, special features of certain items and time countdowns as the auction approaches closing.

MobilBid can manage an unlimited number of bidders at any single event. An option permits those without, or choosing not to use, their own phones to place bids through the administrator.  

If needed, technical support at MobilBid is available by email or phone during business hours daily. (By special arrangement, and at no charge, we can arrange standby help during the event.)

Since the introduction of MobilBid, the platform has been used annually at hundreds of charity auctions, self-managed by our clients without the attendance of MobilBid personnel.

Custom Leader Board

As part of the MobilBid package, we offer a special Leader Board feature to track bidding, display items and descriptions, thank sponsors and volunteers.

Knowing the maximum cost of our services beforehand, some enterprising clients “sell” the sponsorship rights to a single company, then promote the sponsor during the event using the leader board.  

The Event

Sign-up is easy. If you have contact information for your attendees, you can send a pre-event email to publicize the fundraiser and pre-register them for the silent auction.

If registering at the event, guests use the familiarity of their personal smartphones to text a special phone number that sends a custom link inviting them to register and access the auction. There is no confusing native app to download.

Another advanced option requests credit card information before guests place their first bid.  The system stores the information and immediately at close, processes all the winners’ cards on file and issues detailed receipts used to pick up the auction items.

Unlike conventional silent auctions, guests don’t jostle to place bids or constantly monitor paper bid sheets to confirm bidding. And unlike most “tablet” bidding systems, guests wanting to participate aren’t required to share bidding hardware.

Rather, they use their own phones to review items, place bids, follow the progress and receive outbid alerts from anywhere. The Max Bid feature allows guests to place maximum bids and let the system to bid automatically until the amount has been surpassed.

The Closing

Organizers say that closings present the biggest challenge of any charity silent auction. Conventionally with paper bid sheets, volunteers must first decipher and tally bidding amounts. Determine, then inform winners and pass the purchase data along to a checkout table to generate invoices and accept payment. This outdated procedure results in confusion, long line-ups and guest frustration.

Our objective, was to simplify this checkout chaos. From the beginning, we have provided the option of mobile payment using STRIPE, a U.S. technology company operating in over 25 countries, that allows clients to accept mobile payments.

(Like MobilBid, and unlike most merchant accounts, STRIPE offers quick and easy online registration, no set-up or ongoing fees and of course, no hardware to purchase or rent.)

Unlike paper bid sheets and many tablet bidding companies, MobilBid – with just a few keystrokes -begins sending detailed invoices to winning bidders containing a prompt for mobile payment. Choosing this option, generates a receipt used to claim items. Bidders can also pay with cheque, cash or credit card.  

The convenience of mobile payment virtually eliminates closing lineups along with the chaos and confusion of tabulating bid sheets and generating printed invoices. We have also learned that this convenience means that more winning bidders will settle their accounts at the event and leave with their items.

Cached Analytics

Fundraising professionals are interested in charity auction performance reports to determine best practice procedures and future auction planning. MobilBid provides a comprehensive statistical analysis of every silent auction event. The information includes a contact list of auction participants and item winners with bidding analyses by participant, category and item along with profitability reports.

These analytics are available as soon as the event finishes and save hours or days of manual analyses. For savvy fundraisers, these analytics provide vital information for post-event discussions and great reporting summations as well as a planning base for their next event.

Retaining reports makes it easy to compare results from one fundraising auction to another and allows users to develop a plan of what combinations of categories and items work best for improved results.

Our Corporate Values

At MobilBid we respect our clients, their values and the communities they serve.

We encourage information and best practices sharing, among and with our clients.

We support the efforts of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, (AFP).

We work closely with our clients to define their challenges then provide both the technology and guidance to help them achieve the best possible results for their efforts.

We enjoy seeing our clients succeed and listen carefully to their comments and suggestions. This process is invaluable in helping us continually strive to improve our products, service and performance.

“We decided to use MobilBid for our Alumni golf outing. MobilBid proved to be a cost effective, efficient system that helped us raise more money and our bidders loved the experience. I definitely recommend MobilBid and NDI.”
Jen Little
Associate Head of Advancement for Alumni Relations,
McDonogh School, Owings Mills, Maryland

The MobilBid Fundraising Edge

No Set Up or Ongoing Fees

No Set Up or Annual Fees

No monthly or annual charges. Pay only for your actual use.
Self-managed Setup and Run

Self-managed Setup and Run

Special intuitive software guides you through custom setup.
Pre-Schedule the Entire Event

Pre-Schedule the Entire Event

Set timing for invites, preview, open/close, invoicing and payment.
Guests Use Personal Smart Phones

Guests Use Personal Smart Phones

No shared bidding devices or troublesome apps to download.
Pre-register or SMS Check-in

Pre-register or SMS Check-in

Message guests to pre-register or from their phones on arrival.
Credit Card Info Option

Credit Card Info Option

System requests card info on first bid – processes cards instantly at close.
Unlimited Messaging

Unlimited Messaging

Keep guests engaged with text message broadcasts during the event.
Instant Outbid Alerts

Instant Outbid Alerts

Bidders receive instant outbid alerts and re-bid immediately.
Auto Bid

Auto Bid

Guests set maximum bids - the system bids incrementally till reached.
Custom Leader Boards

Custom Leader Boards

Project leader board to track bidding, thank sponsors and volunteers.
Cap Fee at $3500 per Event

Cap Fee at $3,500 per Event

The all-in total auction cost will never exceed $3500 per event.
Campaign Statistics

Auction Statistics

Retained analytics and guest contact info assist in future planning.

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No purchase of specialized equipment or software.
Free account with no set up charge.
No annual fee.